Monday, 21 February 2011

The joys of iAds

Our lite version of Viral is out and downloadable on the App store, finally. It took 14 days to approve, we've no idea why but nevermind because all is now well.

Or we thought so anyway, the keen edge of the learning curve struck me again as I realised that none of our ads were displaying. The reason for this was of course that I hadn't added support for them in our Unity project. Naively I thought that Apple would handle all the displaying of ads and effectively just overlay them onto our game, this is not the case.

I quickly went online and tried to see how to code them into a Unity project. I couldn't really find any clear explanations but I did find a link to a company's site which sold plugins for Unity, one of those plugins was for iAd support. I weighed up the cost of buying the plugin vs my time in learning how to do it. The plugin won hands down so we bought it, installed it and now our iAds are working perfectly. I highly recommend it, the company is Prime31.

We've submitted the new version of Viral Lite and are as ever, waiting on Apple :)

In the meantime, check out the current version of Viral Lite on the app store ->

In other news, we've submitted our next game to Apple. Its called Bloove and there will be more details coming soon on here when it gets approved!

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