Thursday, 3 February 2011

Viral is released!

Our first app, Viral, has been released and is for sale on the app store now!

Have a look ->

So what have we been upto since we released?

Well, we've begun work on a new game, it's a 3D block based puzzler which makes extensive use of the Unity physics system. With the lessons we've learned from our last game, the production process on this one is proving to be much smoother and faster. We hope to be ready for submission by Friday next week at the very latest.

As well as our new project, I've spent some time creating a lite version of Viral, this will be a free app which places restrictions on the user, the main one being limiting their playtime to 12 game-hours. They will also be unable to save/load or access their highscores and there will be iAds included.

We hope this free app will boost the sales of the full version of Viral and also provide us with some much needed publicity.

More information coming up on our new game so keep checking back!

If you are a games reviewer and would be interested in reviewing Viral, please contact us at either or Cheers.

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