Thursday, 16 December 2010

We live………..AGAIN!!!

It’s been a while! So much has happened since our last post, and I’ll try to cover it as best I can.

Me cheesily sat on our first day of work. Yes that is a bottle of ketchup behind me.

I’ve now relocated to West Yorkshire, to Alex’s hometown. I’ve actually moved in next door to him and his girlfriend. My living room is basically our office with a sofa in, and it’s here that we spend our days, 10-6 Monday to Friday, toiling away.

Alex hard at work in the office

There’s so much involved in something like this this it’s unreal. We have to deal with both making the games and the nuts and bolts of making ourselves into a legitimate business. Add to that all the different stuff involved in moving house and its no wonder that sleep is a distant memory to me.

Only kidding, I’m loving every minute of it. Being creative lead in my own company gives me more freedom and flexibility than I could imagine. It’s a big responsibility, as Alex’s job necessitates that he’s told what to do by me, even though we have an equal ownership of the business. The guy’s a coding god, but ask him to make a creative decision and you’d have more luck asking a dog with a bucket on its head.

Our first game is in early alpha now, we have it in engine and are currently tweaking it to perfection before we enter the beta stage where we’ll begin playtesting. More on the game itself in an upcoming post.

We’ve used Unity to create the game, an excellent engine that we’ve found really easy to use. It has fantastic support in the shape of Unity Script Reference, its online resource centre, and we will be using it for most if not all of our upcoming projects. I am interested in switching to UDK now that Epic are integrating native iOS compatibility, but the pricing structure is not as appealing as using Unity.

Now that we are set up and with a somewhat reliable internet connection, I’m intending to fulfil my aim of providing at least weekly updates to the blog…….promise!

Merry Christmas Everybody!