Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Where be we

Just a general update today, as I was reminded that it’s been a while since our last post.

So, where are we at.

Well after the rip roaring success (HA) of Viral, we have since released a “lite” version of that game which has been doing ok, around the average we could expect.

We also released Bloove, which in three days eclipsed all our other downloads combined, the current tally of which stands at 879. I’d be happy about this but we released it for free under the “ad supported” pricing model, so our revenue from that is so diminutive that it challenges Alex’s height for smallness.

I’m obviously not serious. Included in Bloove is adverts for Viral and Moojooce, and the fact that 879 people have taken the time to download something that we created is amazing. We are getting as much feedback as we can then we may consider doing a much more in depth sequel, which we’d probably retail for either 59p or £1.20

Back to more current affairs and we are just tying up the loose ends on Moojooce. We’re going to submit it to the app store tomorrow evening, but this time we’re dictating the release date. This is tricky, as apple’s vetting process seems to be performed by the least drunk chimp they can find on the day, and as such it is impossible to accurately predict when the app will reach the store. For example, Viral went through in seven days, whilst Viral Lite, which was released after its mother game and was the exact same game but stopped play after 12 in-game hours, took THIRTEEN DAYS.

So we’re going to gamble, and set Moojooce’s release day for a week on Friday (11/03/11) this way we can set about promoting it with an actual release date, and hopefully garner some hype around the product.

I’m genuinely more proud of Moojooce than anything else we’ve done so far. The art in the game looks extremely characterized, professional and individual, and was obviously created by an extremely handsome man among men. It is addictive to play, whilst being simple enough to be played by all ages.

Hot on the heels of Moojooce will be Moojooce lite, obviously free, and Moojooce arcade, which will be a paid for game, and take the core mechanics of the original game, but differentiate enough to provide a good deal of value for money for the player. Honest.

Next up after that is a secret game, which you can’t know about. So instead I’m going to mention some keywords that might give us a higher viewing from people accidentally stumbling on our awesome blog, and a picture of my cat. Skyrim GDC Sonic Mario Nintendo xbox PS3 Justinbieber.

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